Couple Photography by Unkitschig Vienna



We’re all about creating timeless images that show the beautiful, raw and honest feeling between two people in love.Couple Photoshoots

Mother walking through a field with her child
Couple kissing in a cafe shot by Unkitschig
Capturing the both of you together is so much more to us than just a Photoshoot.span
We are open to meet you just as you are.
the only thing that matters to us is the love you have for each other. we can't wait to create something with you. family
Picture of a photoshooting with a couple. It shows them kissing in a hallway in Vienna


What we offer prices

couple session
(1,5 hours)
analog-digital mix
(1,5 hours, 2 films)
All packages can be extended up to 3 hours
starting from 395€
Contact us for a detailed offer

We’re available for bookings in Vienna, Austria, Europe … but really - we’re happy to go wherever you want us to.

Couple chilling on a blanket in a field, smiling at each otherAnalogue picture of a couple kissing in the rain, captured by Unkitschig Photography
Couple standing in a field and kissing. Photo shot by Unkitschig Vienna
how to be happy
and true
is the quest
we're taking on
Black and white picture of a kissing couple
Happy couple in a field on the country side, captured by Unkitschig Photography ViennaCouple hugging, captured by Unkitschig PhotographyIntimate moment between a couple, sitting on their couch with their dog, smiling at each otherCouply kissing passionately in a field, shot in black and white by Unkitschig
cause you and i
we're good
you always
get me
feeling better
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