living la dolce vita

In September 2021 we took a little time-out (as we didn't have any weddings planned and weekends off are rare in summer) and packed our bags for a little road trip to italy. For it to be a real break for us, we decided to leave our big-boy cameras aka our work-gear at home and just take our analog cameras with us.

Photography Vienna by Unkitschig
First things first: GRAZ

Our first stop was, as always when we head south: Graz.

We stopped for some coffee and pastries at Tribeka Kaiserfeldstraße and walked around the city for a bit.

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Venice in the rain

For one of us it was the first time visiting Venice so it was kinda exciting for both of us to experience the city of bridges together.
In the evening we arrived at our AirBnb, which was located just a short drive outside of Venice. From there we already had a nice view over the city.

The next day we explored rainy Venice.

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When in Tuscany…

Our journey then continued further south-east. We headed towards Firenze and after some complications due to unexpected roadworks,

we arrived a little later than expected at our home for the next few days.

Located right in the middle of Tuscany, it gave us the opportunity to easily explore some Tuscan villages and cities.

We also got to catch a fresh breeze of seaside air.

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As we have already been here a few years ago we decided to spend more time resting and relaxing instead of hunting for the best tourist spots.

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Coming from a family of travel agents, for Sophie Siena was a must-see on this trip. So we couldn't go without a bit of "sightseeing".

And it definitely did not disappoint. We were really glad that we decided to go there as early in the morning as possible because by around 3 pm, the little lanes got really crowded. We had some cappuccini and dolci at Nannini and spent some time browsing through a lovely Vintage shop.

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Another city we really wanted to see again was Lucca.

With it’s charming lanes and music coming from every corner, the city already fascinated us when we came here for the first time.

Walking down memory lane

Our Main goal was to find the exact same spot where we took a self-timer picture, and finding that spot took us longer than expected…

These streets all look so very similar, what made our search a little difficult

But we eventually found it and of course took another picture. :)

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All good things come to an end

To finish our trip we spontaneously booked a hotel in Lignano, where we spent our last evening, so we didn’t have to drive back to Vienna in one go. :)

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