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our top 3 wedding locations

Very regularly, we get asked about our favourite wedding locations and indeed over the past few years there have been a lot of different locations we’ve seen and been to. So we decided to pick our top 3 favourites and share some things about them. We have specifically chosen locations outside of Vienna as there will be another post about our favourite locations in Vienna as well.

Photography Vienna by Unkitschig

Disclaimer: We rarely know anything about the cost of the location or the circumstances around their booking policy, so in case you like the looks of the location and want to book them for your wedding, we advise you to contact them directly. :)

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Refugium Bergmühle, 2123 Kronberg NÖ

When we heard about the Location, we instantly had to think of Stadtflucht Bergmühle, a kinda popular wedding location outside of Vienna.

Turns out they both belong together and you can book both locations for your wedding. Stadtflucht Bergmühle is probably the location we’ve been to the most,

therefore it was a nice change to see their other venue too.

It is also located just a short drive outside of Vienna which makes it a perfect Location for people who don’t want to be too far from the city but still prefer

to have their wedding in a more rural setting.

The vibe indoors is similar to Stadtflucht. The quirky interieur and fun art spread all over the house makes it really unique and somehow also very homely.

Outside you get this amazing huge garden, a nice terrace, a small lake as well as an adjacent forest behind the house. There is also a large horse farm next door,

which gives it an extra British country house / chalet flair.

The house itself is very minimalistic on the outside which makes it look even more like a decent mansion / villa.

The couple who got married there, Julia and Martin, decided to have the dinner table outdoors.They had one long table for all their guests.

They were really lucky, as it was a very warm and sunny September day.

All the other parts of the wedding also took place outdoors.

The ceremony was held in front of the lake, they cut the cake in the middle of the garden, they received the congratulations  under an arbour next to the house in the shade

and the nature all around also offered great spots for the couples wedding portraits as well as group pictures.

All in all it was a location we really enjoyed, so here are some impressions:

Wedding Julia + Martin, September 2020

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Orangery Palace Park Eisenstadt, 7000 Eisenstadt BGLD

Located in the heart of Burgenlands Capital City Eisenstadt, the huge park behind the Esterhazy Castle holds another treasure.

The old Orangery that you can rent for all kinds of events, like for example a wedding.

This is what it’s also been used for in the 18th and 19th century by the royal Esterhazy Family.

The chic exterior, the huge windows and the bright interior make it a perfect indoor and outdoor location.

The light in there, no matter if it rains or the sun is shining, is every photographer's secret dream.

The Location offers two large rooms (west wing and east wing) and one small entrance (oktogon).

In front of the building there is a fountain and a large gravelled space as well as the whole park.

Our favourite is the old tennis court next to the orangery, that we loved using as location for the couples portraits of the bride and groom.

The couple who got married there planned everything to be inside, as the wedding took place in October and the location really has a lot of inside space to offer.

Luckily they had really good weather and it felt like a late summer day and they also got to spend some time outside.

You also have the opportunity to have dinner and the party  in one of the wings and use the area around.

We’re excited because we get to document a wedding there again this year.

But here are some of the photos we took back in 2019:

Wedding Julia + Philipp, October 2019

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Garten der Geheimnisse, 4074 Stroheim OÖ

A rather new location and one that we’ve just recently been to is the “Garde of Secrets” in Upper Austria.

It started as a plant nursery and destination for family trips but they saw the potential and now you can book it for your wedding.

You can really see the love and effort they put into this place, that makes it so special.

The farm-like looking houses have been modernised and they attached a modern wintergarden with a big hall as an indoor option and for seated dinners.

It’s surrounded by a big garden and fields of all kinds of flowers and plants.

This isn’t just a beautiful background for pictures but gives the guests the opportunity to take a walk and admire the beautiful flowers.

They have a platform surrounded by amphitheatre-like steps that you can use for your wedding ceremony. Our tip: make sure to plan the ceremony as late as possible, especially in summer.

The spot is very exposed to the sun and it can get very hot there.

Some impressions from Anna and Michaels wedding:

Wedding Anna + Michael, Juli 2021

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